System Requirements

Checkpoints Minimum Requirements
Internet Connection Broadband Cable or DSL internet connection with a connection speed at least .5 mbps up and down.
Adobe Flash

Lastest Version of Adobe Flash - Get adobe flash here
See list of supported devices here

Developer's Note: A recent update of Adobe Flash has caused some previous versions of the player to work incorrectly. Please update to the most recent version of Flash to ensure error-free recording.

Memory - At least 3.0 GB Internal Memory (RAM)
Computer Processor

2.1 GHz ( Dual-Core ) Processor or better
(Less powerful accelerated AMD Radeon processors with integrated GPU's have also performed well)


-USB Webcam or Internal Laptop Camera
-USB Microphone or Internal Laptop Microphone

Drivers - Functional Webcam and Audio drivers
(see computer and device manufacturer for more information on troubleshooting driver issues)

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