Privacy policy

I acknowledge and agree that I am solely responsible for the form and content of any resumé or material contained therein provided to Applicant Advantage by me. By submission of resume, video, or profile information, I am certifying that my information is stated truthfully and accurately. Applicant Advantage does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of any material posted by users through its online multimedia service, Applicant Advantage. Applicant Advantage makes no warrant or guarantee of the confidentiality of any material posted through its multimedia posting service, Applicant Advantage. By submitting my resumé into the searchable database, I understand and agree that my resumé and any or all material contained therein may be viewed only by Applicant Advantage employees unless the registrant wishes for that information to be open to the public. Visibility of profile information to the general public is governed by the sole digression of registrant. Applicant Advantage does not warrant or guarantee that a resumé shall be viewed by any specific number of users, or that it will be viewed by a specific client. Furthermore, Applicant Advantage does not guarantee job placement or interviews.

You may have your resume and contact information removed from our searchable database at any time provided that you send the request in writing. The format of your resumé may change to fit on our Web site pages. We will do our best to maintain the formatted resume you have submitted to us. Applicant Advantage respects your privacy and your address and phone will be available only to Applicant Advantage employees and those individuals which you decide to share profile details with. The registrant understands that by making a profile visible (open to the public), any individual with the web address may view the contents on the profile. It is understood therefore that Applicant Advantage employees will have access to the database and will contact you directly if there is a suitable match for your skills and experience with open client position where Applicant Advantage is actively engaged.

By clicking the accept button, I give permission to Applicant Advantage to retain my resumé within the Applicant Advantage database. The sharing of my video recording and resume with interested clients concerning potential employment is by my permission only.

In addition, users of Applicant Advantage must adhere to strict guidelines and codes of conduct regarding the content of video recordings. Any video or profile component deemed inappropriate by Applicant Advantage will be removed from the website. Applicant Advantage reserves the right to delete an account at any time without prior notice based on the recording of any of the following items:

Applicant Advantage does not discriminate in the acceptance or referral of candidates on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, marital status, disability, or other protected characteristic.