Applicant Advantage

Build Your First Impression

Applicant Advantage is a personal branding tool which allows for easy access to your qualifications in a more impactful way. Visually create your personal branding statement (a.k.a. elevator speech) to share with potential employers, clients, colleges/universities, and colleagues to build a great first impression.

Applicant Advantage Allows you to speak directly to your target audience.

Don’t just share your background, articulate your expertise through video and demonstrate what makes you unique.
QR Codes

Can I share my profile?

Our free Connect Mobile Codes will drive visitors right to your profile and ensure access to your qualifications from anywhere. Every profile also comes with an individual URL which can be copied and shared just like any old web link. Social media is also integrated into our profile pages allowing you to directly connect viewers to your webspace on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

How Do I Create My Account?

Create an account with Applicant Advantage and you will be directed to our self-recording wizard, where you will introduce yourself in 60 to 90 seconds (optional process).

When you complete your video, we will generate your own Connect Mobile Code to copy, save, and share with any interested parties. Put the code on your resume, business cards, T-shirts, whatever!

And of course add additional information to your profile as your qualifications change.